Team Freedom Takes Down GFE in Their First Match of the Season

Team Freedom showcased their skills on Sunday in their first match in the 2018 season of the Heroes Global Championship (HGC). HGC is a tournament for Heroes of the Storm that encompasses teams from across the globe to compete for a chance to go to Blizzcon in Anaheim, CA. Since adding two new players to their roster, Team Freedom has been working together to renew the strength in their bonded brotherhood. Having a new roster can easily make any team a little nervous, especially on their maiden voyage, but Team Freedom stayed cool and more confident than ever.

“I think our new roster is as strong as we were last season and I’m confident we’ll win,” said Zugrug, captain of Team Freedom, before the start of the match, “Everyone has made roster changes; GFE changed three players.”

Every member of Team Freedom is determined to take it all the way to Blizzcon. This is the kind of dedication that it takes to generate the high-quality games of HGC, and after a long break for the holidays, the community has been buzzing with anticipation for the 2018 season of HGC.

What We Saw in Sunday’s Match

During the matches on Sunday we saw some mind-blowing plays and unique strategies. About 15 minutes into Game 3 things are heating up between GFE and Team Freedom until a late game boss changes everything.

On Sky Temple, Gale Force Esports makes what should seem like an okay boss call. Team Freedom has just shown in the top lane so GFE feels safe in attempting this late game boss which would seriously pressure the half health keep in the bottom lane for Team Freedom. Zugrug hides in a bush while his team rotates down, trying to find a way to stall time but eliminated by the entire GFE squad. The rest of Team Freedom sweep in with an amazing blizzard and some wicked finishing moves from Genji.

Yoda Talks Medivh

In game 4, Team Freedom drafts Medivh but his level 7 talent choices left even the casters wondering, what is he thinking? Right now, the widely accepted talent choice is The Masters Touch, but Team Freedom’s Yoda, chooses to take Arcane Charge.

“In HGC when a proplayer drafts a hero or chooses a talent, it is very important that you understand WHY they made that decision. When asked about it, Yoda explains that he had a few good reasons for this choice:

Master’s touch doesn’t do anything until it’s completed. Arcane charge gives you a nice power spike at level 7 when everyone else gets a talent. Since we had a stronger comp going into the late-game, I wanted the early boost in power.

Stacking master’s touch forces the Medivh to play selfishly – he has to use his portals and his protect on himself more often to finish the quest, and after stacked he still needs to be selfish so he can use his Q more often with the reduced cooldown. In scrims we ran into a situation where I could use my protect to save my own life or to save Nazmas who, if he survived, was about to carry the team fight – obviously I’d rather win the team fight so I protected him but it got me thinking.

Stacking master’s touch also makes the Medivh dismount to use Qs in the early/mid game which have no impact other than get him a stack (the damage is often healed up for free by globes / tank passive / out of combat healing). In that game I wanted to keep a close eye on the enemy tank so my team could safely do whatever they wanted around the map.”



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George Gebhardt
Team Freedom HOTS General Manager

written by @r0bynbird