Team Freedom went up against both Heroes Hearth and Tempo Storm this weekend, securing their spot as the number one team in NA. This means that they will go to Western Clash in March, a midseason tournament held in Poland for the top 4 teams from EU and NA. The competition offers a $100,000 prize to the winning team. Last year, Team Freedom did not make it to the first Western Clash until after their roster change opened up some wins.

This year, Team Freedom’s new roster is a hot topic amongst the community. Lutano, though incredibly new to the scene, is one of the hottest up and coming players. He is incredibly talented at the game and spends a significant amount of time practicing to get even better. Gillyweed and Jhow compared Lutano to some of the ‘legend’ players like Kure and Danski.

The first set of matches between Team Freedom and Heroes Hearth only went to game four, and it didn’t seem like our boys had too many issues. Their matches against Tempo Storm were incredibly back and forth, keeping the audience engaged and entertained. In game two, Tempo Storm drafts Cho’gall, a hero that has not been seen in professional play since last year during Phase 1 when Superstars drafted them against Team 8. It was a short game, not even lasting twelve minutes in which the Cho’galll pick was quickly recognized as a terrible choice. Unfortunately for Tempo Storm, the tradition of the losing Cho’gall still stands.

Team Freedom is currently scheduled to go up against LFM sports at 5:00 pm on Friday, February 2. Come show your support at:

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George Gebhardt
Team Freedom HOTS General Manager

written by @r0bynbird