After a rocky few games in HGC, Team Freedom takes home a win and officially secures their spot at Western Clash in Katowice, Poland.

After losing to both Spacestation Gaming and Team Twelve in the week 4 matches, there was a lot of pressure for Team Freedom to perform well against Simplicity coming into week 5. Tensions were high after the first game left us with a loss, but our boys played hard and won the match finishing after game 4.

When asked about the match against Team Twelve, George Gebhardt, General Manager to Team Freedom, had this to say, “Those were some really tough games for us. Going up against our former players raised the emotional stakes which made the reverse sweep even more heart breaking.”

Now with Team Freedom having officially secured their spot at Katowice, the team begins the next leg of their journey to victory.

Preparing for Western Clash is a big task and Gebhardt has a plan to take his team to the top. With suitcases already packed, Team Freedom is ready to begin their trip to Poland in just two days to begin warming up. This 6-day boot camp will serve to help them adjust to a new time zone as well as polish their skills in preparation to compete against powerhouse teams such as EU’s Team Dignitas and Fnatic.

“Getting there early means we have a chance to feel out the European metagame. Last season, EU was way ahead of us and that allowed the team to learn so much during their Kiev boot camp prior to competing in their first LAN event. Mostly though, we’re excited to see where we stand.”

Katowice has been the home to HGC’s Western Clash since the beginning. Here, the top four teams from EU and NA come together to battle it out to find out which team is dominant. Last year, only one team from NA placed, Team 8. This year, we are confident that NA is sending in stronger teams that will challenge the EU players to perform their best.

We’re going to Poland, bb!



George Gebhardt
Team Freedom HOTS General Manager

written by @r0bynbird