BOSTON – 31st May, 2017 – Today, established gaming organization known for its DotA 2 and Heroes of the Storm professional teams, Team Freedom, has signed Yusuf ‘Kure’ Sunka to participate in Blizzard Entertainment’s Heroes Global Championship (HGC) premier esports league. Yusuf will play in the melee position, replacing Zachary ‘Insomnia’ Hacker, who has been released as a free agent during the Blizzard-sanctioned roster swap phase.

Yusuf had this to say about joining the team: “I am very excited to start my first chapter in the HGC with Team Freedom. I was drawn to the roster because of their love of the game and drive to improve. Thank you for all the support!”

Team Freedom would also like to thank and congratulate Zachary ‘Insomnia’ Hacker for his participation and accomplishments as part of the original team roster.

The new player roster of the new Team Freedom Heroes of the Storm team includes:

  • Merek “Zugrug” Kangas as Tank
  • Philippe “Nazmas” Laberge as Ranged
  • Dane “Daneski” Coleman as Flex
  • Jérôme “Killuziion” Tanguay as Support
  • Yusuf “Kure” Sunka as Melee

Team Freedom joins North American teams Tempo Storm, Gale Force eSports, Roll20 esports, Superstars, Even in Death, No Tomorrow, and Naventic to compete in the second half of HGC starting in late June 2017.
To find Yusuf ‘Kure’ Sunka or the team on Twitch, visit:


George Gebhardt
Team Freedom HOTS General Manager